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Las Vegas Wedding Gowns and High Fashion Designs


Moshe’s cosmopolitan background has taken him from France to Italy, North and South America, the Middle East, India and China.

He perfected his skills in some of the world’s greatest ateliers before creating his own fashion house, formerly, The House of Moshe.

Moshe’s designs have created waves of excitement throughout the world and have won him five international design awards over his long career in fashion. His creative genius is complimented by superb technical skills which have earned him a reputation as being the “Master of Fit”.

His evening gowns have been worn by some of the world’s most glamorous women and sold in the shopping meccas of Rodeo drive and New York’s Fifth Avenue. Now his bridal gowns are taking the fashion world by storm.

His bridal collections have been applauded at showings in Milan, New York, England, Hong Kong, and throughout Australia.

Now headquartered in the USA, Las Vegas Wedding Gowns services not only local clientele but works with customers from around the world.

Moshe has rekindled the fires and is busy rebuilding his worldwide design and Fashion Gown business; an exciting program that will include offices in the Middle East as well as affiliate shops and studios around the world.

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