The Fascination with Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Celebrity Wedding Dresses… What is the fascination?


A celebrity needs to be in the spotlight and attract attention. It’s the name of the game. A wedding dress designed for a celebrity must be original, exclusive, and it needs to be outrageous.

A celebrity needs her dress to demand attention and cause everyone to look at her and comment on her dress.

So, what is a Celebrity Wedding Dress? what makes it different from any other wedding dress? It’s simply a dress designed by a professional expert designer that gives it the Pizzazz!  The Wow!  It’s one that stands out and demands notice.

A Bride Is A Celebrity For One night!

Even though she may not be famous or a celebrity, a bride wants the same thing. She wants to stand out and gain attention.  She wants to look sexy and attractive and even outrageous.  She wants to be a celebrity for one night… no matter what!

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A great designer won’t copy a celebrity wedding dress worn by someone famous. Rather, he will study the bride, her shape, her silhouette, her best features and her worst features and he will create a design that will take advantage of the best, hide the worst, and in the end give her a creation that will make her stunning… A Celebrity For One Night!”  Moshe Amir


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