Wholesale wedding dresses

A World of Wholesale Wedding Dresses

Have you ever wondered how Bridal Shops buy their beautiful wedding gowns? Yes, that’s right… a wholesale market for wedding dresses.

Buyers from the best shops around the world travel to fashion shows to view the new collections from popular Bridal Fashion Designers and purchase wedding gown inventories for their businesses. These shows are held frequently in major Fashion Centers around the world.

Here’s a video of a fun fashion show held in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2013 that gives you a glimpse into the world of Wholesale wedding dresses and how they are shown and purchased.

This video is from Moshe Amir’s business in Israel and was featuring his new collection. Although it is an older video it’s fun to watch and you can actually feel the excitement of the audience.

Moshe’s next show will be in Las Vegas in 2014. If you want a dress designed and created by a world class High Couture Fashion Designer, please contact our office for information. (See contact page for details.)

Who knows…maybe you’ll be in the front row of the next showing!?

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